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Picture of a vacuum machineWe have been carpet cleaners for a long time. Everyone practices to be good at something. Our specialty is providing the best carpet cleaning in San Mateo, CA. It’s a craft we have been honing for years. One might think it’s silly to take cleaning so seriously until you see the work we do on your carpets. Our customers are all happy and satisfied once we finish our job.

Accidentally spilled wine while enjoying dinner? Your pet’s paws left dirt all over your house? Need to clean up any built up dirt, pollen, mud, mold, crumbs? How about water leakage from poor plumbing, water tanks, or rain? We also remove ugly stains and give your carpeting a deep clean.

This is the right place call. Working in this business has pretty much allowed us to see every kind of problem. Our special equipment and cleaning solutions are guaranteed to purge any germs lying within your carpets. Not only do we have the best equipment in town, but we have the best team that’s highly educated in using them.

We will transform your dirty carpet into a cleansed, fresh and feel-good-on-your-toes one. It will be as if you just purchased new ones from your favorite store. We’re home owners ourselves so we understand how nice it is to enter your house to a nice and clean environment. Call us today and we’ll prove that we have the best carpet cleaners in San Mateo. Our phone number is 415-300-2360.

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​How we stand out from the rest of the crowd.

  • Our technicians have gone through training designed to make them the best carpet cleaners. As a result, they have become like the terminator, except for cleaning.
  • We treat this business seriously. Our employees are professional and will be on time and finish on time. Customer service is something we strive to be great at.
  • This is what we specialize in. We know more about sanitizing carpets and rugs than everyone else.
  • We have been doing this for a long time and our experience is miles ahead of anyone else. Any problem you have will be tackled head on. There is no challenge we haven’t seen or failed to finish. 
  • This is our passion. Nothing makes us more happy than doing a fantastic job and seeing the smiles on your faces. Put your trust in us and you will wonder why you didn’t call us sooner.

Why you should hire us as your personal carpet cleaner.

  • If you try to clean yourself it’s possible you could make the mess even worse. For instance, have you ever gotten a stain on your clothes and when you try to wipe it down it only makes the stain spread out more? If you leave the heavy duty work to us this won’t be a problem. We use proper carpet cleaning supplies and techniques to safely remove stains. 
  • Trusting your eyes and noses isn’t always a good idea. There could be germs and bacteria roaming around without you realizing it. We have been in many houses and people are always surprised to see what they have been stepping on this whole time. We clean every crack kick out any unwanted bacteria.
  • Do you know where your family’s shoes have been? Remembering where yours have been is easy, but what about your significant other or your children? They could be bringing in grime, dirt, and other unwanted things inside your home.
  • If you have any pets, you’ll know they like to run around everywhere. Plus you don’t want them to roll around on a dirty carpet and then proceed to give them belly rubs after.
  • Get rid of any bad smelly lingering odor that’s been tormenting your house. Sometimes the odor is obvious, but other times it’s not. If you’ve been living in your house for a while, your nose will be used to the smell while others aren’t. The last thing you want is to invite friends and family over and have them notice something smells off.

We consider ourselves the best in town for good reason.

  • Most households do not have the right disinfecting supplies and tools in their house. Therefore, you will have to buy them yourself, but you will also need to know which product is for which scenario and how to use them properly. Applying the wrong powder can destroy your carpeting. A simple mess will be easy to fix but there are messes you will encounter that will need the proper equipment. We have all of that covered and take the confusion and stress out of the equation.
  • Leave a good impression on your future guests. All our guests and relatives that visit us always compliment us on how nice it is to sink their feet into the ground. Their children love rolling around in a soft cushion and their parents don’t have to worry about and germs transferring onto their children and possibly getting them sick.
  • The price you pay is worth the time and effort you save. We don’t like to charge an outrageous amount either. Other companies charge at a low price but also do an average to non satisfactory job. You get what you pay for and it is only right that we do a good job since you put your trust in us.
  • We provide a lot of services like commercial, house, apartment, or office cleaning to steam cleaning. We can do a deep clean to remove any stains and spots and we are well versed in rug cleaning as well. Our services are rapidly growing as we aim to please our valued customers.
  • We fix and restore carpeting that has been damaged by water that might have come from leakage or rain.
  • And we can clean your upholstery so it’s nice to relax in. Imagine how dirty it is with all your guests sitting down and all the dirt and germs piled up.

Don’t hesitate any further. Call us now at 415-300-2360 to get your carpet cleaned the easy and proper way.